Barn Owl Press

Barn Owl Press is a rural letterpress print shop offering beautiful handmade stationery goods made from locally sourced materials, whenever possible. Check out our latest prints on our Etsy site, or contact us for custom wedding stationery. We will soon be offering a variety of handmade paper and hand-bound books.

All design, printing, binding and a load of other tasks are done in-house (or, rather, in-the-machine-shop).

The Equipment


All pieces are printed by hand on an Old Series Chandler & Price press, manufactured circa 1890.


All type is handset lead.

The Proprietor


Nikki is a first-generation printer, papermaker, and binder repurposing part of the family farmstead as a studio space. A printer’s devil for two years, she started Barn Owl Press in 2013 thanks to donations, help, and advice from numerous printers and family.


We’d love to hear from you! Contact Nikki at wernerlnicole@gmail.com for questions or quotes.

Visit our Facebook page here.

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